How to


you've just arrived home and see a package addressed to you. you grab it and give it a little shake to see if you can guess what it is. it's too light to be the book you just ordered. your eyes light up. it must be the rev'd up cup you just ordered! heck yassss!!! you quickly tear the box open and are surprised by the near weightlessness of this ultra soft and flexible piece of ...wait whutttt??? this is supposed to go where?

what was i thinking?!?!!!

you continue to stare at said cup for a few more moments.

more staring.

long pause continues.

your mind begins to wander. you then consider those brave women souls that went before you and tried this. you wonder if similar thoughts crossed their minds before they tried and fell in love with theirs. if they tried and fell in love with it, you wonder if it can be that bad. you then also remember some of the reasons why you initially wanted to try this in the first place and your resolve to give this little cup a try returns stronger than ever. I've got this! 


We second that thought. Yes, we know you've got this! And now that we're both on the same page here's a step by step of what to do now that your little rev'd up cup is in your possession

We recommend getting to know each other in the form of a meet and greet cleaning before going straight to a chacha entrance. Yes our cups are produced in an excessively clean warehouse, are made of ultra high-quality medical grade silicone and have passed extensive FDA tests, but we recommend a good first baptismal wash before use.

How to: Clean Your Cup

There's no one "right way" to clean your cup. There are multiple ways. Below, we'll list the most popular and rev'd up cup customer favorites.

Option 1

Things you'll need:


Warm water

Mild detergent soap

Soft bristle brush or rag

1. Mix a few drops of a mild detergent soap with warm water in a bowl/pot. Place the cup inside. Use a soft bristle brush or rag and scrub-a-dub-dub, making sure you give it a good cleaning. Rinse again with warm water and voila. You're done!

Option 2

Things you'll need:


Boiling water

Boil some water in a pot. Place your menstrual cup in the pot ensuring that the water covers the cup. You may want to get a spoon or other utensil to occasionally stir the cup, making sure that the boiling water touches all sides of the cup. Do not cover the pot as the water may boil over. Let cup sit in boiling water for a few minutes. Remove pot from the fire and let the water cool. Take cup out and let dry. Easy peasy!

Option 3 

Glass Bowl

Hydrogen Peroxide

Warm water

Place your menstrual cup in a glass bowl or cup. Fill with hydrogen peroxide so that the peroxide covers the cup. Let sit for a few hours. Dump peroxide out and rinse with warm water. Let dry and BAM! You're good to go!


How To: Use Your Cup

Now that you've had a proper meet and greet and given it a nice little baptismal cleaning, it's time to actually use your cup. 

Rinse. Fold. Insert.

Pro Tip: Safety Check.

1. Rinse with water.

We recommend rinsing with water



when all of the sudden, the Menstrual Revolution Fairy magically appears and says,"Be not afraid my beautiful and brave soul.



and a distant memory of opening presents on christmas flashes a small thrill of receiving 

Your brand new rev'd up cup just came in the mail. the small and somewhat familiar thrill of seeing your name on a mail package omethii ng that just arrived in the mail for you 


How to Use:

Using your menstrual cup for the first time can seem a bit daunting. Heck, doing anything for the first time can seem a bit daunting. But just like riding a bike or learning to tie your shoes, once you've got it, well, you've got it! We're here to guide you through every step of the process, so sit back, relax, and let's save the world, one menstrual cup at a time.

Step 1: Rinse your cup with warm water. If you've just unboxed your menstrual revolution cup and are using it for the first time, defer to the How to Clean section to give it it's proper TLC cleaning out of the bag first. 

Rinsing your cup will serve as a lubricant and help your cup slide right in. (We talk straight up here. We don't believe in TMI because we want all of your questions and curiosities to be answered.)

Step 2: The Fold 



Get comfy and relax. You can stand, sit, squat... whatever works for you. Your first few times using, you may want to test out different positions to see what is easiest and most natural for you. 



How to Use:

Simply rinse and clean with water and vinegar at the end of your cycle and it's good to go for the next month. We recommend replacing your Menstrual Mvmt Cup every 8 months to 1 year to make sure yours stays fresh.

Note that your cup should be sterilized before using. Simply place it in boiling water for 3-5 minutes, wash with a solution of 10% vinegar and 90% water, or use a sterilizing disinfectant.

Made with High-Quality Medical Grade Silicone.

We recommend the Small size for your lighter days and the Large for women with heavier flows.

Do not leave in for more than 12 hours.


    To Use:

    1. Sterilize cup before using. Simply place it in boiling water for 3-5 minutes, wash with a solution of 10% vinegar and 90% water, or use a sterilizing disinfectant.
    2. Wash hands before using.
    3. To insert, first fold cup in half. Insert cup while keeping it folded and relaxing surrounding muscles. Once inserted your cup will unfold and conform to your inner vaginal wall, creating a leak-proof environment.
    4. To remove, pinch the bottom of the cup. This will remove the suction and allow you to gently slide your cup out. Pour contents out, rinse, and repeat for the duration of your period.
    5. When you no longer need it, simply sterilize your cup again with a water and vinegar solution (see above) or use a sterilizing disinfectant and store in the velvet bag provided until you need again :)
    6. While our cups last up to 10 years, we find that many women prefer replacing their cup after about a year to ensure cleanliness.