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Carbonized Bamboo Single Pointed Crochet Knitting Needles 36 PCS/Set

  • $22.95

Carbonized Bamboo Smooth Single Pointed Crochet Knitting Needles 36 PCS/Set
Bamboo is one of the absolute best all natural needles to use for your crafts. The friction created when the bamboo moves across yarn creates a unique electrostatic reaction, making a very fine and soft weave. These Smooth Pointed Bamboo Knitting Needles are perfect for any craft enthusiast!

  • Material: Carbonized Bamboo
  • This set includes the following 18 sizes ( You will receive 2 of each size ) 2.0mm/2.25mm/2.5mm2.75mm/3.0mm/3.25mm/3.5mm/3.75mm/4.0mm/4.5mm/5.0mm/5.5mm/6.0mm/6.5mm/7mm/8mm/9mm/10.0mm
  • Quantity: 18 different sizes, 2 needles for each size = Total 36 needles.
  • Length: 9.7"(25cm)
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