Goblet of the Undead
Goblet of the Undead

Goblet of the Undead

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Goblet of the Undead

Drink yourself back into the land of lords, ladies, kings, queens, dragons, and epic battles with this legendary Goblet of the Undead. It is said that whoever possesses and drinks from this goblet shall rule the Realm of the Undead. Are you ready for your reign to begin?

Expertly cast out of stainless steel and resin, this goblet will be right at home sitting next to you on your next World of Warcraft campaign. Get yours before your enemy beats you to it.

Mead, the blood of your enemies and healing potions are all excellent choices to fill this goblet with at your next feast.

  • Goblet holds approximately 6.7 ounces
  • Not microwave safe but will keep beverages warm / cold.
  • Hand wash with a soft sponge because only a savage puts a skull in their dishwasher.

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